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Providing Bespoke Mental Healthcare, Carehome Services...

Dawa Care Services (DCS Group) provides the best Mental healthcare and Carehome services for corporate and private clients including referrals. We have developed these value-adding services over the years to our satisfied clients, thus earning us enviable accolades from industry experts in the wider communities.


Mental health care is a major issue in the United Kingdom, with mental illness affecting one in four people in their lifetime. Dawa Care Services (DCS) Group provides affordable, high-quality mental health care services to those who need it most. From therapy to medication and rehabilitation management, we are focused on providing quality mental health care in a timely manner.

Sadly, restoring mental health to its rightful place in the world is a therapeutic process. It can't be forced on people who are unwilling or unable to engage in the process themselves.

It's why Dawa Care Services (DCS) Group offers patients a safe and welcoming environment, empowering them to heal with individualized care.

Dawa Care Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Mental healthcare (referrals only);

  • Supported-Living - for the elderly and vulnerable,

  • Carehome services for the purposes of rehabilitation and personal development; as well as

  • Agency healthcare support for home-bound clients.


Our integrated services are supported and managed by highly qualified professionals with many years of enviable work experience and credentials. 

We pride ourselves in the provision of bespoke solutions, ensuring excellent delivery of healthcare services to all our clients - a corporate promise in our policy statements

Service Highlights....
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Bespoke professional mental health services...



Affordable and Comfortable Homecare services for everybody

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Your excellent health is the basis for our business, where all your concerns are analysed for optimal service delivery.



DCS supports you with love and fulfills all your healthcare  needs 


Emma Lindst, 
Chair, Everest Medical Services

Dawa Care Services Group has surpassed our expectations in terms of service quality, delivery and culture. We are grateful... 

Nicole Ameer,
Director, Andrews Social Services 

DCS proffers solutions to complex situations effortlessly. Our mental health services have improved tremendously, thanks to their formidable group of healthcare professionals. 

Pete Longmusk,
Asst.Dir. Medical Safety Services

We are proud to collaborate with DCS on the implementation of their complex safety programs for vulnerable clients.

We couldn't be more pleased...

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