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Policy Statements

Privacy Policy:

Update: May 09, 2021

Dawa Care Services (DCS) Group comprises different business units and legal entities and remains the company that decides the purposes for which your submitted information is processed and how it is processed within the group.

In compliance with the relevant U.K. Information Security Legislation and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR, 2016), and while maintaining confidentiality, Dawa Care Services (DCS) Group will use your consented information only for the intended purposes. 

All personal data and sensitive information are obtained with the users' prior knowledge and approval.


Dawa Care Services (DCS) Group reserves the right to reject access to website intruders or report unacceptable usage (whether directly or indirectly) that may adversely impact our business reputation, the safety and security of our clients to the relevant disciplinary organization. 



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